WELCOME to the House of Circe's online Specialty Boutique. Shop our thoughtfully curated, fresh finds featuring works from emerging designers, artists, and other creative makers. A portion of proceeds on select items made by local Portland artists will go back towards children's education in art + music programs and supplies.

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Why Choose Us?

House of Circe's mission is to support the DREAMS of our future. House of Circe is dedicated to supporting local emerging artists, photographers, + other like-minded creatives with the over-arching goal to raise funds to support children's education + experience in art and music. A portion of the sales proceeds will go back towards funding children's art supplies and other needs that will help them thrive in the creative world.

Behind the DREAM

Ollie Stackhouse

Founder + Owner

The life wanderer and FIDM Graduate, Ollie Stackhouse has a deep passion for creativity and uniqueness. Possessing a blend of the business driven mind with her vivacious sense of creative style, the venture of House of Circe was born.

Through her life travels and love for life, art & music, she had been inspired to create a destination spot for up and coming artists, designers and other various creative individuals to share their unique works and masterpieces in addition to her in house creations.

House of Circe aims to revive and increase interest for the arts within the hearts and minds of “home grown” communities in addition to many others who have a strong appreciation for uniqueness and a creative, eco-conscious way of living. HoC aims to not only share the works of artists on the verge of greatness but also to giving to charitable organizations that support the arts.


Our EXCLUSIVE Specialty Pop-Up Boutique will have a limited selection of art + goods in a in a private gallery located near Mt. Tabor area. 



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